CML Microcircuits (UK) is a leader in design, development and supply of low-power analogue, digital and mixed-signal telecommunication semiconductors.

A founder member of DMR Association and dPMR MoU Association

CML used DSPINI's TWELP 2400/3600 bps vocoder in its high-performance CMX7262 voice chip.

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CMX7262 chip 

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an Israel-based international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world.

It is a large manufacturer and integrator of advanced, high-performance defense electronic and electro-optic systems, specifically: 

  • military aircraft and helicopter systems; 
  • helmet mounted systems; 
  • commercial aviation systems and aero structures; 
  • unmanned aircraft systems; 
  • naval systems; 
  • land vehicle systems; 
  • command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems; 
  • electro-optic and countermeasures systems; 
  • homeland security systems; 
  • electronic warfare (EW) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems; etc.
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Since 2007 Elbit has been a regular customer of DSPINI. A few projects, including four large DSP software development/customization projects are performed. Elbit obtained licenses to DSPINI's low-bit rate vocoders, echo cancellers, noise suppressors and other DSP software.

1st Project


“When we have chosen DSPINI among a few DSP teams/suppliers for our project, we were not sure in success completely, because we didn't work with DSPINI earlier. But high professionalism and experience of this team that we observed during the project, and the unprecedented results that we have now, convinced us that DSPINI is reliable team that has truly unique technologies and is capable to perform complex projects with highest reliability and quality.” 

Zeev Schwartz, Senior Director of Digital Communication/Tactical Radio Business line at Elbit Systems and C4I - Tadiran


The project lasted a few months and included a few stages with review, meetings and acceptance tests at DSP Innovations in DSPINI's premises.


Unique DSP software was developed and a set of high-quality proprietary products were customized and licensed, particularly: 

  • DSP-parts of PNR and Intercom System;
  • vocoders, customized under unique frame sizes and unique bit rates, high-robust to noisy channel and hard acoustic environment;
  • noise suppressors, echo cancellers and other DSP products that provide unique technical characteristics and high quality.

2nd Project


“We needed high quality vocoder for our Intercom system. DSPINI provided us with unique vocoder, based on theirs SPR+ technology. We got vocoder with the best voice quality, robustness and performance on C55 platform. Thank you for high professionalizm!” 

Zeev Schwartz, Senior Director of Digital Communication/Tactical Radio Business line at Elbit Systems and C4I - Tadiran


The project included a customization of our SPR vocoder technology under Elbit requirements. Two different vocoders were proposed during Feasibility Study stage. Then, the best vocoder was optimized onto C55 platform and delivered with an appropriate license. 

3rd Project


“Terms, quality and support. Brilliant work. As usual.” 

Tomer Varona, HF/VHF/UHF Radio Systems Projects Director

Project / Product:

SPR vocoder with enhanced robustness for usage in very hard conditions of a noisy radio channel was delivered. A unique FEC with UEP and a smart recovering system were used to get such a high robustness.

4th Project


“Our requirements were very difficult to meet. The result is even better than we expected. Great work!” 

Tomer Varona, HF/VHF/UHF Radio Systems Projects Director


The project was performed in a few stages and included deep modification of all earlier delivered DSP-modules. 


DSP software with unique features was customized and licensed. First of all, Noise Suppresor for Speech Enhancement capable to work with very short frame size, such as: 

  • 12.25 ms
  • 10 ms
  • 6.125
  • and even 3.0625 ms
DSPINI is a single company on the market, who deliver Noise Suppresors with such low delay.
5th Project


“This is what makes us to return to DSPINI again and again. Truly innovative, professional team. Pleasure to work with you. Thank you.” 

Tomer Varona, HF/VHF/UHF Radio Systems Projects Director

Project / Products:

Low Bit Rate vocoders with unique features, based on SPR technology, was customised and delivered with appropriate license 



Vital Alert Communication Inc. (Canada) provides very low frequency (“VLF”) TTE communication links in hard-to-service areas such as mines, subways, pipelines, and tunnels where obstructions like rock, and concrete are common, often for less than half the cost of alternatives.

“We were very pleased with the high quality of DSP Innovations’ voice compression software and the timeliness of delivery”

Heather Simmons, CEO

Within 2009 - 2017, DSPINI delivered to VitalAlert proprietary SPR Robust and TWELP Robust vocoder software for different bit rates and DSP platforms. 


Rapid Mobile (South Africa) creates the world’s best digital radio technology, delivering unsurpassed data speed, voice clarity and reach, well beyond line of sight. It supplies world-class, cutting edge modem technology, embedded modules and ancillary products in the field of HF and V/UHF radio data communications.  

Within 2012-2019, DSPINI delivered to RapidM a few proprietary TWELP MR (Multi-Rate) vocoder software in a wide range of bit rates below 4800 bps for different DSP platforms.  

RAFT Technologies (Israel) develops and deploys a wireless ultra-low latency, transcontinental communications system. The system is highly suitable for financial markets and in particular for HFT – algorithmic trading firms. It enables Ultra-low latency communication between different exchanges and delivers data directly between exchange co-locations with the lowest latency available on the market today.  

Since 2013 DSPINI delivers to RAFT Technologies unique Low-Latency HF Modems, developed by DSPINI specifically for HFT market. 


Elcomplus is the global provider of full functional software dispatch solutions produced under SmartPTT trademark. SmartPTT software implements leading approaches to achieve most effective dispatch control and bridging for digital radio fleets. Elcomplus development and production processes are certified by ISO9001:2008.

A member of DMR Association


Neocom Software provides TRBOnet™ PC based client-server dispatch software applications for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Digital Radio Systems.

A member of DMR Association


Some of our large customers well known in the world don't allow us to publish their names. But you can google TWELP trancievers and find those used in their products.