ITU-G.729 Annex A и Annex B


Price.  2,100 USD. One-time payment, no royalty. 

Buy in one click.  We'll be immediately notified of your payment and we'll start preparing the software package (compile for your version of the compiler if we don't have this previously prepared) and we'll upload it to our server, you'll get the link for a download within 1 business day.

By buying it, you agree with the licensing terms

Platform and a compiler version.  Windows x86, as DLL libraries. If you need any other platform or any options added, please send us an email instead. 

Following the link, let us know the compiler version you work with. We'll send you the software compiled for this version. If you're not sure of the version of the compiler, or miss to let us know, we'll send you the most popular version. If later you'll need it for a specific version, send us an email any time and we'll compile the software and send you at no additional charge. 

Performance.  After a meticulous optimization, our Codec G.729AB provides an utmost performance on a target platform.

Module Average MIPS* Memory (KBytes)
Program Data
vc9 i13 Tables Channel Heap Stack
x64 IA-32 x 64 & IA-32
Encoder 27 29 26     2.1 2.2 2.1
Decoder 7 8 7     1.8 1.5 0.8
Encoder + Decoder 34 37 33 114 6.1 3.9 2.2 2.1

Compatibility.  Completely compatible and interoperable with the standard recommendation ITU-G.729 Annex A и Annex B.

Vulnerability / Security. DSPINI guarantees ABSOLUTE cleanliness of the software from any undocumented features, undeclared capabilities, etc. All our customers can be sure that any our software/ code doesn't contain any secret functions and features hidden from user. We are ready to provide source codes of our software products for an appropriate certification if need.

Guarantee And Support.  DSPINI guarantees a quality and accordance of all technical characteristics of the product to requirement of current specifications. Testing and other method of quality control are used for guarantee support.

Any Platforms.  DSPINI can port this vocoder software for any other DSP, RISC or general-purpose platform in short time: 1-2 months.

Licensing Terms.  To use the vocoder software, customer should obtain a license from DSPINI only. No additional licenses are required.

Customization.  The vocoder can be customized for any specific requirements- other bit rate, frame size, any other robustness to channel errors, etc. Please contact us for details.

Related Software.  This vocoder may be effectively used in a bundle with other DSPINI's products:

  • Linear and acoustic echo cancellers,
  • Multichannel noise cancellers (including two-microphone adaptive array),
  • Wired or radiomodems for any types of channels and bitrates,
  • Other products.