Noise Canceller - Speech Enhancer (NCSE) improves quality of speech distorted by any stationary noises.

For Digital Radio and any other voice communication systems.

Technology Features. Wiener filtering in spectral domain is used. Potentially, this spectral filter can increase SNR on 20 dB and more. However, parameters of the filter are tuned so to provide maximal quality of speech after filtering. In this case, real SNR increasing is equal just about 7-8 dB but always is more than 6 dB. NCSE enhances quality of noisy speech more than on 0.1 PESQ. This value depends on the input SNR. For example, for low SNR (lower than 20 dB), the enhancement can reach 0.2 and more PESQ. 

Maximal noise suppression level can be set to one of five values: -20, -17, -14, -11 or -7 dB

Speech quality enhancement. Here is the comparison with 

Guarantee And Support.  DSPINI guarantees a quality and accordance of all technical characteristics of the product to requirement of current specifications. Testing and other method of quality control are used for guarantee support.

Any Platforms.  DSPINI can port this vocoder software into any other DSP, RISC or general- purposes platform inshort time: 1-2 months.

Licensing Terms.  To use the vocoder, customer should obtain a license from DSPINI only.

Low Price  is another advantage of this vocoder. Please contact us to find out.

Customization.  The vocoder can be customized under any specific requirements- other bit rate, frame size, any other robustness to channel errors, etc. Please contact with us for details.

Prospects.  DSPINI is impoving and developing continuously a set of new vocoders with range from 300 bps up to 9600 bps, based on TWELP technology.

Related Software.  This vocoder may be effectively used in a bundle with other DSPINI's products:

  • Linear and acoustic echo cancellers,
  • Multichannel noise cancellers (including two-microphone adaptive array),
  • Wired or radiomodems for any types of channels and bitrates,
  • Other products.