We have implemented APCO Project 25 Dual-Rate Vocoder (7200/3600 bps) in exact accordance with following documents: 
- TIA/EIA-102.BABA Vocoder Description (December 2003)
- APCO Project 25 Half-Rate Vocoder Annex (July 2008).

With our implementation of the Dual-Rate Vocoder you start Phase 2 of the APCO 25 without large expenses.

We have extended a line of our proprietary SPR Vocoders.

Today it includes a set of vocoders for various bit rates from 600 bps up to 2400 bps, "SPR Classic" and "SPR Robust" versions.

All our vocoders differ by the superior characteristics of performance and simultaneously high speech quality.

With our vocoder you can produce professional digital mobile radio (DMR and dPMR) at price of low-cost walkie-talkie.

We have developed vocoder for 600 bps bit rate, basing on our proprietary SPR (Sinusoidal Pulsed Representation) model of speech coding.

We compared the new vocoder with MELPe 600 bps standard vocoder and found superiority of our vocoder by all characteristics, including speech quality, robustness, delay, computing complexity and memory usage. Moreover, the superiority is significant for majority of the characteristics.