We added important feature into descriptions of all our products:

Vulnerability / Security. DSPINI guarantees ABSOLUTE cleanliness of the software from any undocumented features, undeclared capabilities, etc. All our customers can be sure that any our software/ code doesn't contain any secret functions and features hidden from user. We are ready to provide source codes of our software products for an appropriate certification if need.

This guarantee concerns ANY software / codes, as delivered earlier as well as that will be delivered in the future.


HF Transceiver ICOM F8101 provides highest quailty of digital voice thanks to our TWELP vocoder.

Please visit this page for details:
ICOM F8101 HF Transceiver

BARRETT HF SDR 4050 (as well as 2050) tranceivers provide high quality of Digital Voice using our TWELP vocoders.

Please watch/ hear this video for details:
Barrett 4050 HF SDR - Analogue vs Digital Voice Demonstration


BARRETT 2050 HF SSB Transceiver