HF Transceiver ICOM F8101 provides highest quailty of digital voice thanks to our TWELP vocoder.

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ICOM F8101 HF Transceiver

Our unique low latency modem already for a few years provides successful data communication on HFT (High-Frequency Trading) market, providing high reliability in any conditions, including multipath interference and deep fading: https://www.raft-tech.com 

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Low-latency HF modem


Because some our clients ask us regarding quality of the open-source CODEC2 vocoder, we've published the comparison of this vocoder with our TWELP vocoder (as well as with MELPe vocoder) for 700 bps and 2400 bps bit rates.

Now everybody may see and listen a difference.

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CODEC2 vs TWELP at 700 bps
CODEC2 vs TWELP at 2400 bps

Newest TWELP 600 bps Robust vocoder provides reliable good quality voice communication as in clear channel as well as in noisy channel, much better in comparison with well-known MELPe 600 bps vocoder.

Available right now for a set of DSP and RISC platforms and for any others within 1-2 months.

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TWELP 600 bps Robust vocoder