TWELP 1200/2400 bps Scalable Vocoder ensures the highest voice quality both in HF and in VHF/UHF networks and maintains lossless interoperability between them.
Transcoding is not needed, which saves significant computational resources in gateways and also means no degradation in speech quality, even when users interoperate at different bit rates.

TWELP DMR vocoder provides highest speech quality, when a voice is more natural, clear and is free of any synthesizing sounds. 

Can be used in DMR (ETSI TS 102 361)  and dPMR (ETSI TS 102 658) radios as alternative vocoder (instead AMBE+2 vocoder) or as additional vocoder to provide in newest radios main superior mode, providing more high-quality voice communication, keeping simultaneously interoperability with old radios (AMBE+2 based ones). 

DSP Innovations supplied Polish arms manufacturer Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa with a vocoder solution for the use by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.




Now anyone who would like to use or just to try TWELP vocoder, without paying the cost of a license for large quantities, can order our vocoder as a hardware mini-module based on STM32F chip, similar to the one shown on the photo.

You can order from a third party such a specific module that satisfies all your requirements, and deliver it to us in any quantity.
We will burn the vocoder library for any bitrate to the internal FLASH memory of all modules and deliver those to you.

The only requirement from us for the module would be a reliable protection of the code from illegal copying.

Please contact us to get the detailed information and prices. 

All customers who use CMX7262 chip can buy a license on usage of the updated interoperable library for any target platform.

New library provides much better speech quality (inproved up to 0.1 PESQ), keeping full interoperability with vocoder on chip.

TWELP 2400/3600 bps Vocoder interoperable with CMX7262 chip

For pilot butch or for low production volumes, we can burn the library into protected FLASH memory of mini module similar the presented on the photo.
It can be your specific module as well as one of typical, where the burned code can be reliable protected against unauthorized copying.

Please contact with us to get detailed information and prices.